Daniel Wald

Daniel was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. He grew up part of nuclear family and on the surface everything was normal. However Daniel always felt the world differently from those around him. While very social and never lonely, in his early years he very much felt alone. In the mid 90's he left Australia with a backpack to find what he thought would be meaning in life.

Daniel has spent most of the past 20 years in Europe, working corporate jobs, playing music and exploring spirituality. He always suspected that one day he'd become a healer or teacher but had no idea when or how.

Working the corporate world gave Daniel the chance to travel all over the globe and meet people from all sorts of cultures and races. Despite being in the high-pressured, competitive world of business, these interactions spurred his spiritual practice, as he could always feel the sense of connection and oneness in everyone he met.

Daniel 're-met' a long-time dear friend in 2009 in what they describe as a 'cosmic event'. Shortly after, they married and their daughter was born. It was at the same moment that they both found VortexHealing. After studying with various spiritual and awakened teachers over the previous 25 years, Daniel realized that he had finally met something that fully aligned. Nothing penetrated as deeply or felt as truthful for him as VortexHealing did, and he immersed himself deeply with classes and practice.

When Ric spoke to him about the possibility of being a teacher, it felt to him that his life calling had finally tapped him on the shoulder.

Daniel currently lives in Spain with his wife and daughter.

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